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Ministry Leader Prayer Requests

The Hope for Wholeness Network, our church and ministry affiliates and individuals from throughout the United States, regularly pray over our ministry including specific prayer requests for ministry leaders whom serve those seeking freedom from homosexuality, same sex attractions, lesbianism, gay pornography addiction and other issues.  If you are a ministry leader that serves those affected by homosexuality and have a prayer request for yourself or a loved one, please submit it online below.  We will post your request for prayer from our support community.  God Bless.

Leaders Prayer Requests

Wisdom for sharing this Sunday

I will be sharing my testimony and the Word at the local Women’s Jail Ministry this Sunday. I feel like God gave me the structure and flow for this while driving on Sunday, and I should have pulled over to write some notes, but I didn’t, then got distracted , and now “it” is gone. I know it was God because I recall none of it.. Please pray with me that God would graciously share this with me again, and the He would speak what these women need to hear. Thank You!

Cindy Keehn

Church Update

This Sunday (10/12/14) a video update of me is being shown. The update is only 3 minutes long and talks about how out of the ashes of Exodus Int the Lord has raised up 3 major networks in it’s place. The Hope for Wholeness Network, the Restored Hope Network, and the Overcomers Network. At the end of the update I have asked the body to connect with me if they would like to be further “educated” in the area of dealing with sexual relational wholeness from brokenness. My hope is to start a regular conference (annual, biannual, etc.) at my church and open to all. Jen Thorne, CLC Missoula.

Prayer for the road ahead

I need prayer to have time and focus to write my book that I’ve not been working on, that I desperately need to be focused on. I’ve been off focus, off my routine, worried over finances, burying myself in work but needing to maintain my stress management routines that help me. I have to keep focused on the Lord as my Provider for all things that I need. He’s worthy of my trust. May I be who God has and is calling me to be each day. – McKrae Game, Hope for Wholeness



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