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Thank you for what you do

Hi McKrae. I want to say thank you for taking the time to meet with Rosemary, Chris and myself. We so appreciate your ministry and Hope For Wholeness! We really appreciate you sharing your heart with us and all God has done in your life. It gives me great hope for my brother. God is already using your material as such a good resource for sharing the hope and power of Christ. We look forward to supporting you and we pray God’s abundant provision for all your needs! We plan to attend the Conference in November, so we will see you then.


Kim & Chris; and Rosemary

You were the one who helped me to feel the release from the Lord

BrianI never was able to share this with you, but at the Exodus Conference in 2007, you prayed with me the final night after Mike Haley spoke. It was powerful because God called me a Pastor that night and removed the shame from my struggle that kept me from walking in His call for my life, and you were the one who helped me to feel the release from the Lord.

I wanted to thank you for that and encourage you to continue in ministering the Gospel, believing God is raising up another generation to stand on your shoulders because of the impact you are making right now! Thank you for serving the King and His Kingdom!

By Bryan Robinson of Springhill, TN

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