An Online Group For You!

We’ve started four “secret” Facebook communities for Hope for Wholeness’s current and past clients and two others for Hope For Wholeness leaders and participants.

We work with many in different capacities, and we’ve moved to utilize Facebook as another way to help reach out, minister, and work with you. Facebook is a well accepted and very effective tool.

We also have created groups for our leaders and our board. Have you prayed about working with Truth or helping us? We really need your help. The summer is tough financially and we still need to plan for events and get the word out. Pray about becoming involved.

These Facebook groups are an opportunity to minister to each other, as we also attempt to communicate with you. It is an opportunity to be transparent, ask questions, seek counsel, share positive stories, tough situations, and ask for prayer.

You may have never been in a Facebook group. You may even see Facebook as something negative. It is really like the Internet, it’s only negative if you utilize it in a negative fashion or focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects. You don’t have to play the games or even read people’s status updates. Groups are something completely separate.

If you are not on Facebook, or don’t go on because of the “negative” aspects, I would encourage you to reconsider so you can participate in this exciting new opportunity.

Details: “Secret groups” is a Facebook term.  These groups cannot be searched, and only group members can see who is in the group. You must know an administrator and have them add you to be placed in a secret group.

Hope for Wholeness: Contact Interim Directorabout getting involved. If you are interested, send him a friend request on Facebook, then in a private message ask him to put you in one of the groups. We have one for Families, Adults, Teens, and Spouses. The teen group requires parental consent. Each group has standards of participation that are detailed and must be agreed on upon entering the group. You may ask your Hope for Wholeness leader for more information or contact McKrae Game. Past or current clients must have completed intake forms, had a counseling appointment and been approved for a support group. If it has been a long time since your participation, an update via email or phone call to your leader will be required. An exception can be made for out of state individuals who are willing to complete the forms and complete a phone interview.

Hope For Wholeness: We have a Leader’s group and a Participant’s group. If you would like to participate, please send a friend request to Interim Directorand in a private message ask him to put you in a HFW group. Standards must be agreed on upon entry. HFW leaders are needed in both groups. When HFW leaders request to join the group, they must indicate what group they lead and their position of leadership. HFW participants should have their leader join the leader’s group then add them to the group. Individuals going through HFW on their own can contact our office to be added to a group.

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