An Easter Awakening

By McKrae Game


Happy Easter everyone.

I don’t think a friend I saw the other night would mind me sharing this.

He told me he had AIDS and asked me to pray for him, so we did right then as my son stood behind me watching the exchange. I prayed for healing and that he would know that God’s not done with him and to encourage him and we hugged. He told me he’s on disability from some other problems and cannot work. Life has worn him down. I asked him how old he was and he said, 45.

I’m 45. To me, it was a clear example of what my life would have become if I’d not turned my life over to Jesus and repeatedly used the confessional with friends and my wife to keep my life in the light. I told Jesus this morning that it hasn’t been easy but oh SO rewarding serving Him the last 23 years.

Over these years I’ve seen so many fall away from the faith, so many loose hope, so many rationalize God’s Word for comfort. I don’t have a glowing white record to point to, only the righteousness of Christ to claim over me. But He’s ALWAYS faithful! He’s the Lifter of my head. He’s the Lover of my soul.

People hurt, and I hurt for and with them. We should not set our goal for our struggles to go away, but to be thankful for what we have in Him. He’s enough! Today, I think of ALL the countless blessings I have, my wife, two great kids, friends, a growing ministry of hope and encouragement.

For me, it’s not an easy life, but OH SO WORTH IT. Others have it much worse. I just have to keep turning to Jesus. He paid the price, owns it all, and has ALL the power to save. He’s ALIVE, in me. When I said “yes,” He came in.

Have you given Jesus control? He will save you too.

Source: Interim DirectorBlog

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